Top Day Tours From Melbourne

Top Day Tours From Melbourne

Top Day Tours from Melbourne Australia’s unique cultural capital Melbourne is magical, moody, hipster that describes this city perfectly. To entice the curious travelers the city is bursting with amazing experiences. There are many day trips from Melbourne that offer fulfilling experiences. Moreover, you can hire a car in Melbourne with Premium Limo to turn your day tour in Melbourne luxurious, classy and comfortable. We bring to you some exciting top day tours from Melbourne for a relaxing break from the electric city.
top day tour from Melbourne

The places with stunning beaches, perplexing towns, and unique wildlife are perfect for day tours from Melbourne which will make you experience phenomenal scenarios with a lot of fun and adventurous. Traveling to such exciting places is all easy with Premium Limo to hire car services that will help you to explore without any hassle. Below mentioned are some of the top day tours from Melbourne.

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Top Day Tours from Melbourne

Day tour from Melbourne is a well-worth to visit with vibrant districts and the colorful houses.tucked in the southeastern corner of Australia just a few hours drive from Melbourne you will get to explore staggering places all around. From wine tasting, to relaxing on sun-soaked beaches there are a number of days tours from Melbourne. If you are keen to explore outside Victoria’s vibrant capital try these best day tours from Melbourne below.

The Yarra Valley

Undoubtedly one of the most wonderful days trips from Melbourne by car is Yarra Valley that will take your breath away. Yarra Valley is Australia’s most spectacular winery regions and a paradise for the food- lovers. From Balgownie take a scenic drive to the heart of the region and sample luxurious boutique wines. Sample scrumptious artisan wines at the famed Yarra Valley. The day tour to Yarra Valley is a spellbinding experience you will not soon forget.

  • The beautiful countryside and the rolling vineyards are quite amazing.

  • Winery regions will amaze you.

  • This place is heaven for the food-lovers.

Phillip Island

Among the top three trips from Melbourne, Phillip Island is a marvelous destination for animal lovers. The place is home to koalas, wallabies, penguins, and seals that will make your trip entertaining. Here you will get to enjoy most spectacular shows in the world with hundreds of penguins along Summerland beach. A cool dip in the sea is another exciting activity to do including aqua biking, paintball, fur-seal kayaking etc. To get close with adorable koalas is one of the most amazing things to do in Phillip Island. All the beautiful scenarios and wonderful things to do at this place definitely turn out your trip memorable and adventurous.

The Dandenongs

With lush green gardens and dense forests, the Dandenongs is well-renowned and one of the easiest days trips from Melbourne by public transport., start with National rhododendron gardens and explore the beautiful area with blooming cherries and flowers. Through fern-filled gullies of Sherbrooke forest nourishes the mind and soul with its beauty and tranquillity. You can enjoy nature all around you which is quite imposing and make you feel relax. To hike through the Dandenong Ranges will provide breath-taking experience with cascading waterfalls in a dense forest.

  • A perfect spot for nature’s lovers

  • The soothing sound of kookaburras and cockatoos.

  • Thunderous ranges are awe-struck.


Day trip to Daylesford is the most popular trip from Melbourne that provides a great relaxing escape. You will get a rejuvenating dip in hot water springs and relaxing massage treatments in the biggest draw, Hepburn Springs. This is a charming town with stunning architecture, fascinating art galleries, colorful markets, and quirky stores. There is a lot of stuff to do and enjoy at this place, you can enjoy a heritage train ride or visit interesting museums.


A trip to Bendigo features amongst the most fun day trips from Melbourne, Australia. You will have thrilling experiences here the subterranean tours through the historic Central Deborah Gold Mine with different levels of adventures. At Golden Dragon Museum you could explore areas of Chinese heritage as well. You can also simply stroll along the lovely Rosalind Park or can indulge in a pot-making workshop at Bendigo Pottery.

These are the amazing destination for Top Day Tours from Melbourne that will fill your entire day with adventure and fun while admiring the beauty all around. Travel these spots with Premium LImo in a luxurious and comfortable manner.

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